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Detroit is a city with a lot of cars. Whether the cause or result of being called "the motor city", it is true. A love of cars seems to be in the blood of Detroit residents who have grown up alongside and worked within many of the city's factories. Logically, a lot of cars means a lack of parking for those with cars, which can make parking in Detroit a major hassle. If your house or apartment doesn't offer parking, look for a long-term parking spot using ParkingSpotter.

Monthly parking in Detroit offers a few options. If you need your car in the city and can't use public transportation to get to work, monthly parking ensures that when your workday is done, you will not waste time searching for parking. We all know that hopeless feeling of circling the same block for the third time, hoping that someone is going to come out of their house to pull away from the curb. You can easily spend 15-20 minutes trying to find parking in some of the busier sections of Detroit after work; this means that in the course on a week, you are wasting almost 2 hours simply search for parking in Detroit. That adds up to 43 hours or almost 2 days spent trying to park over the course of a year.

If you can catch a ride on the city bus, you can leave your car at home and let someone else do the work. This not only makes your day a little less stressful, it also extends the life of your car if you find monthly parking in a local parking garage or parking lot. You will be driving less, keeping the miles down on your car and saving money on gasoline. And of course, your car is ready at anytime to get you where you need to be when Detroit transit can't. Monthly parking in Detroit can be a reasonable option for many people, no matter how you look at it.

Look into parking lots and parking garages in your area using ParkingSpotter. Our easy-to-use and efficient system helps you locate parking in Detroit at absolutely no cost. Simply type in your address and get started finding parking in Detroit.

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